“When God blesses you financially, don't raise your standard of living. Raise your standard of GIVING".
- Mark Batterson -

Gisela Grace Alvarez

Child Ambassador from Australia

Sponsor’s Inspiring Story

I witnessed generosity practiced by my family,especially my mum and my grandmother. They    lived simply and chose to share their blessings to less fortunate relatives than amass material possessions. They chose to give hope and a brighter future to those in need for the betterment of their and their family's lives.


I want to leave the same legacy to my children.

We cannot help all the unfortunate children in the world but helping one can make a difference to that one child's life. I believe World Vision is the perfect avenue to help kids and uplift the lives of the less fortunate people.

I support World Vision's mission to be a Christian organisation that engages people to eliminate poverty and its causes.  My heart overflowed with joy when I learned that one of my sponsored children donated relief goods to Yolanda victims.


This is the type of children we are sponsoring, grateful for every little blessing they receive and with big, generous hearts.

If he can share what little he has to less fortunate people, what excuse do we have who have more?

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